What the celebrities are saying…

“What the frikkin’ heck happened last week at the retreat with you guys? It was unbelievable- truly amazing. I had a blast. Your energy and charisma was and is infectious and the phenomena that is the Juice has filtered into my brain cells quite literally and I find myself unable to get off the stuff!”

Linda Barker (TV presenter)

“The week I spent at the Juice MasterUltimate Detox retreat in Turkey was life-changing. I have always been conscious of my health and fitness but the retreat helped me to re-focus and re-invigorate both my body and mind. Sun, sea, exercise and juice every day resulted in my skin clearing up, my eyes and hair shining, dropping 3kg (a further 1.5kg the following week) and loads of energy! One of the best weeks of my life. I’m ready for the next week!”

Beverly Knight (singer, song writer)

“WOW! What an amazing week; I know when you have had a good break and feel revitalized that its easy to write nice things, but I am sitting here writing this 2 months after arriving back in the UK and can honestly say the effect the retreat had on me is ever lasting……I went to learn about how to beat the food trap and to get leaner both of which I achieved. I lost 6kg in a week and travelled back to the UK genuinely with a different outlook; both my wife and I juice everyday now and we are reaping the benefits of a healthier, energetic and focused lifestyle.
I am remembered for the catchphrase ‘That’s Wot I’m Talking About’ but if there is one thing we should all be talking about it’s THE JUICEMASTER”
Lee McQueen (Apprentice Winner Series 4)
“…it’s the only holiday I take that when I return I feel (and look) like I’ve had a proper holiday. Rested. Healthy. Full of energy. And ready for anything they throw at me! The transformation in Mark – who has MS – he can walk farther and faster than I’ve ever known him able to, and is leaner with much more energy and dexterity. The only thing I gain each time I come, is a heap of new lovely friends x x x”

Caroline Feraday
TV & Radio Presenter
“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the wonderful life affirming gift of seven days at Juicy Mountain. I’ve juiced every day since my return, tossing my super expensive – super slow masticating juicer to one side and in its place using the Fusion Juicer!!!!!!! I’ve been on set filming and off set practicing my yoga in preparation for my next yoga DVD and I have to say the juice is really keeping me fresh and energised. I love your work, your ethos and your drive.”

Roxy Shahidi

What the press are saying…

True Health Magazine. Susie Perry Debice, Nutritionist from Life’s A Picnic explains how the art of juicing can lead to better health and sustained weight loss…
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Get Lost Magazine. Purge your body of those wicked toxins that have been sapping your energy and frying your brain with a rejuvenating juice detox.
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Prediction Magazine. The Nutri Centre’s Park Crescent manager, Melanie Desbruslais takes a juicy break in Turkey’s mountain retreat for a mind, body and soul detox.
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Daily Express journalist Kate Bohdanwicz joined us in the Bordubet retreat in September 2008.
Click here to read her article.
The Evening Standard’s ES Magazine ran a feature on the best health and detox retreats in the world. The Juice Master Montenegro Retreat in Turkey featured second and was highly recommended by the review. Click here for the feature.
Radio 2 presenter Janey Lee Grace was interviewed about her experience on the retreat for Lifescape Magazine.
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Anna from OK Magazine came to our retreat (June 2010) and met Jason and the Juice Master retreats team.
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“I have so much more energy, my mind is so clear, my skin is glowing and I just feel energised”
Natasha Hamilton (singer/actor)

Latest Guests Testimonials


Thank you for another deeply nourishing week at Juicy Mountain

Nov 01, 2017 by Theresa B

Dear Nina,

Thank you for another deeply nourishing week at Juicy Mountain: nourishing for mind, body and spirit. Natalie’s yoga was inspiring and sensitively taught to accommodate us all. Her talk on juicing was exemplary and she was so generous in sharing her knowledge with us. Amy’s calm, laid back approach lent a lovely, warm and comfortable vibe to the week and her fitness classes were really motivating and fun.

The ‘After the Retreat’ book is brilliant and such a welcome addition to the JM experience – I’m delighted with mine and I found it helpfully focussed my mind to have to think on the spot about my spirit, nutrition and exercise intentions as part of Amy’s going home talk.

I also wanted to thank you for contacting me and my husband Colin after we’d paid to let us know I was eligible for a discount as a returning customer and for refunding the money – really excellent service. Thanks also for the massage voucher which arrived at Christmas and sat on my pin-board reminding me to book again!

I’m going to book for October next year when I get home and have an idea of my schedule,

Theresa x
(Week: 13/10/17)

...a wonderful week.

Nov 01, 2017 by Angela B

Nina I am safely home and had a wonderful week. Terrific staff and thanks to Amy for getting my bag back to me so efficiently. So impressed.
Love, Angela
(Week: 13/10/17)

It far exceeded my expectations, in fact I'd go as far as saying it was one of the best weeks of my life!

Nov 01, 2017 by Sarah T

Dear Nina and the Juicy Team,

I've just returned from my first stay at Juicy Mountain. It far exceeded my expectations, in fact I'd go as far as saying it was one of the best weeks of my life!

I was feeling tired, ineffective and just a bit down about life and then I arrived to the beautiful surroundings and the lovely warmth of Victoria who was there to greet me from the taxi and show me to my room.

Everything about the week was special but I'd really like to give a special mention to Victoria and Natalie, they really made the week for me. Natalie with her fabulous and infectious enthusiasm, an amazing advert for a healthy lifestyle and her nutrition talk was so detailed and interesting. And Victoria, such a calm and beautiful character, she talked so openly and really made me feel like she genuinely cared about helping me with some issues that I had brought to the mountain. Her yoga was cleaninsing for both body and mind and I was truly impressed with her knowledge.

There is no doubt that I will be coming back and as I've now bought my cold press juicer I'm convinced that this is a long term future way of life for me. Thank you.

Sarah T
(Week: 29/09/17)

my final weight loss was 15 pounds

Oct 11, 2017 by Mr R

Dear Nina,
After the retreat my final weight loss was 15 pounds, I returned home feeling like a new person.
Natalie Is a tremendous manager, as busy and as graceful as a hummingbird, always hovering about but giving the appearance of effortless control.
We were fortunate enough to have had two yoga teachers each in their own way unique Shelley has an easy way of making the most difficult postures achievable. Victoria, was conscious enough to notice that I have been bitten by the meditation bug and was able to help me to another level.
.... ...At the beginning of the week I was having great difficulty just getting up from the floor unaided by either a person or something to hold onto, by day seven The Fitness members intervention ensured that I was not only getting down onto the floor but also back onto my feet with ease, probably the first time in about five years.
A great team, many thanks. Mr R
(Week: 22/09/17)

...a magical week … I will definitely return.

Oct 11, 2017 by Peter N

I just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for a magical week … I will definitely return.
All the team leaders were exceptional and inspirational... ...I know that Natalie and Victoria will step up as required … both are amazing at what they do! ... the in-depth ‘going home’ talk given by Natalie ... she is certainly a very knowledgeable young lady!
With best wishes, Peter
(Week: 22/09/17)

Juicy Mountain Retreat , 5.0 5.0 266 266 Dear Nina, Thank you for another deeply nourishing week at Juicy Mountain: nourishing for mind, body and spirit. Natalie’s yoga was inspiring and sensitively taught to accomm

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